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This research will be based towards the fruitful results from previous knowledge out of fan-idol dating and fans‘ use practices

This research will be based towards the fruitful results from previous knowledge out of fan-idol dating and fans‘ use practices

dos.step three.2.1 Pursuit of emotional gratification

Emotional advantages, along with however restricted to a feeling of fulfillment, detection, and performance, are important incentives for fans buying idol-associated products. Admirers, as individuals otherwise organizations, usually you prefer a port to fairly share its worship, admiration, and you can infatuation for a-listers. The purchase out of spin-regarding circumstances might be thought to be fans‘ consistent and intense emotional resource within idols (Santero 2016). More to the point, as a consequence of their purchase, admirers think that its financial dedication manage for some reason benefit their idols regarding profitable a credibility or higher updates in the the fresh new competitive activities industry. It sense of goal and satisfaction gives fans the fact their efforts are approved and you will crucial to possess idols, fulfilling their must be needed (Wang 2014). Which sense of achievement, consequently, do drive them to make most commands.

2.3.dos.2 Fans due to the fact a residential area

Fans‘ sales may help all of them during the opening up discussions, which may evolve for the better societal links. The newest control of large-quality idol-associated facts, because embodiment regarding authenticity and you will respect from admirers, is best entrance admission for fans to go into the key of your partner society (Zhang 2021). Together with creating common emotional parts and you can personal connectedness, fans and additionally setting collective memories through its communal get practice (Wang 2014). There are various instances when admirers purchase many albums, flick seats, otherwise circumstances recommended of the their idols along to show the unity and you may solidarity.

dos.cuatro Conceptual framework

This research will talk about idol fans‘ motives about the idol-doll get practices. It exclusively targets exclusive types of fans-fans just who purchase idol dolls-to be able to service a focused study that will not propose to generalize results to many other enthusiast organizations.

Early in the day search toward fans‘ practices strategies usually divides motivations into “intrinsic” and you will “extrinsic” ones and you can roughly figures it once the quest for “neurological satisfaction” otherwise a sense of “fulfillment” (Zhao and you can Wu 2021). This research stresses the necessity of a specific fan term (i.age., mother admirers) in the shaping fans‘ practices methods. What’s more, it explores the fresh new emergence and you may rise in popularity of “mommy fans” otherwise “moms and dads out of idol dolls” inside the theoretic build of one’s Para poder-kin dating.

dos.5 Look objectives

The fresh incidence out of mother admirers indicators an alternate mode out of fans‘ consumption methods and you will drives the latest specialist to reexamine the new existent lookup activities from parasocial dating ranging from fans and you can idols. A portion of the lookup real question is: what exactly are fans‘ motives for buying idol dolls? This research requires a revolution to investigate new character away from “mommy fans” into the leading to the idol-doll area from the answering the newest sandwich-question: why do fans claim on their own as the “mom fans” and you will preciselywhat are the mental need?

Building the connection involving the introduction off mom admirers brightwomen.net den här sidan additionally the rise in popularity of idol dolls is actually an user-friendly decision. Become more specific, mom fans usually consider themselves since their idols‘ mother, when you are idol-doll customers as well as relate to by themselves as mothers of your own baby and you can clean out the infant toy as if it was in fact a bona fide person. Examining the psychological need out of mommy admirers and exactly how they disagree of compared to girlfriend admirers you certainly will promote a crisper knowledge of fans‘ reasons for buying idol dolls. On the other hand, the fresh reasons and you can psychological means away from male idol admirers also feel checked-out, because they may possibly provide an entirely more position to spell it out its idol-toy to invest in conclusion.

step 3 Methods

This study integrates textual investigation as well as in-breadth interviews to learn brand new driving issues for fans‘ idol-doll purchase strategies together with para-kin relationships between fans and you can idols. Official news stuff act as a natural field to own watching how Chinese traditional culture interprets brand new popularity of mom fans and you may idol dolls, permitting the study to get contextualized during the a wider personal background. In-depth interviews ones admirers promote rich details that will determine the synthesis of para poder-kin relationships, and their thinking and you may responses with the criticism off new main-stream community. Because of the merging both of these one or two lookup methods, an even more nuanced knowledge of fan people would be attained.

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